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About Car Comm Inc

Whether you are a general contractor on a busy construction site, a director of events at a bustling hotel, or a manager at a high-volume store, the right tools will allow you and your team to work more efficiently and improve your customer satisfaction.

The Car Comm Staff has over 90 years combined experience in two-way communications. Car Comm two-way radios will help you address customer demands more quickly, stay in constant contact with your team, and improve your entire staff's productivity; all this without costly airtime charges. It is the right tool for your job-site or in-building communications. We also can provide wide area coverage with our meticulously maintained repeater systems at a very low cost and predictable flat monthly rate.

We Are An Authorized Dealer For:

Kenwood ~ EF Johnson ~ Hytera ~ TecNet ~ Relm/BK ~ Ritron ~ Midland ~ Eventide ~ Telex ~ Vertex ~ Eye3Mobile ~ RadioPro

We also Offer:

Free Needs Analysis ~ Licensing Assistance Available ~ Convenient Lease Programs to Fit All Budgets ~ Professionally Trained Communications Consultants

Specializing in 2-Way Radio Service and Sales